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Research interests: stochastic analysis in Banach spaces, random dynamical systems, multiplicative ergodic theorems 


08/2015   11. Doktorandentreffen Stochastik, Berlin 

               "Dynamics of Non-densely Defined Stochastic Evolution Equations"

05/2015   SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems, Snowbird, Utah, USA

               "Random Dynamical Systems for Non-densely Defined Evolution Equations", funded by the DAAD

03/2015   International Workshop Stochastic Analysis, Controlled Dynamical Systems and Applications, Jena

               Poster presentation: "Random Dynamical Systems for Non-densely Defined Evolution Equations"

03/2015   Research Seminar Numerical and Stochastic Analysis, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

               "Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Analysis", within the framework of the ERASMUS Staff Mobility for

                Teaching Programme

09/2014   Third International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Approximation Theory, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

               "Random Nonlinear Evolution Equations in Banach Spaces"

08/2014   10. Doktorandentreffen Stochastik, Halle

               "Random Nonlinear Parabolic Evolution Equations in Banach Spaces"

07/2014   10th Aims Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, Madrid, Spain

               "Random Dynamical Systems in Banach Spaces"  

04/2014   PhD Seminar, Jena

               "Stochastic Analysis in UMD Banach Spaces"

11/2013   Seminar zur Stochastik, Jena

               "Backward Stochastic Differential Equations in UMD Banach Spaces"

06/2013   Drei-Länder Workshop zur Stochastik, Jena

               "Banach Space-valued Backward Stochastic Equations of Ito-Volterra type"