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Research Articles

S. Ankirchner, A. Fromm. Optimal control of diffusion coefficients via decoupling fields. SICON. 2018.
 S. Ankirchner, C. Blanchet-Scalliet and K. Kümmel: Last Minute Panic in zero sum games. ESAIM: COCV. 2018. HAL
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S. Ankirchner, A. Fromm, T. Kruse and A. Popier: Optimal position targeting via decoupling fields. 2017.
S. Ankirchner, M. Klein and T. Kruse: A verification theorem for optimal stopping problems with expectation constraints. Applied Mathematics and Optimization, 2017. Please note the Erratum.
S. Ankirchner, T. Kruse and M. Urusov: WLLN for arrays of non-negative random variables. Statistics & Prob. Letters. 2017.

S. Ankirchner, C. Blanchet-Scalliet and M. Jeanblanc: Controlling the occupation time of an exponential martingale. Applied Mathematics and Optimization, 2016.

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S. Ankirchner and T. Kruse: Optimal position targeting with stochastic linear-quadratic costs. Banach Center Publications. 2015. pdf_logo

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S. Ankirchner, C. Blanchet-Scalliet, A. Eyraud-Loisel: Optimal liquidation with additional information. Mathematics and Financial Economics. Online 2015.


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S. Ankirchner, J. Schneider and N. Schweizer: Cross-Hedging Minimum Return Guarantees: Basis and Liquidity Risk. JEDC, 2014. SSRN

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S. Ankirchner, G. Dimitroff, G. Heyne, C. Pigorsch: Futures Cross-hedging with a stationary spread. JFQA. 2012. pdf_logo

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S. Ankirchner, A. Dermoune: Multiperiod mean-variance portfolio optimization via market cloning. Applied Mathematics and Optimization. 2011. pdf_logo

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S. Ankirchner, P. Imkeller: Financial markets with asymmetric information: information drift, additional utility and entropy. Proc. of the 6th Ritsumeikan Intern. Symposium. 2007. pdf_logo

S. Ankirchner: Monotone utility convergence. Journal of Applied Probability. 2006. pdf_logo

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S. Ankirchner: Utility duality under additional information, conditional measures versus filtration enlargements. SFB 649 Discussion paper, 2005. pdf_logo

Information , Semimartingales. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. March 22, 2005. pdf_logo


Christophette Blanchet-Scalliet
Steffen Dereich
Azzouz Dermoune
Georgi Dimitroff
Goncalo Dos Reis
Anne Eyraud-Loisel
Alexander Fromm
Gregor Heyne
David Hobson
Peter Imkeller

Monique Jeanblanc
Nabil Kazi-Tani
Maike Klein
Kai Kümmel
Peter Kratz
Thomas Kruse
Christian Pigorsch
Alexandre Popier
Judith Schneider
Nikolaus Schweizer
Philipp Strack
Mikhail Urusov
Jakub Zwierz